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PRIVATE IRRIGATION WELLSecure water for 172 acres with 149 acres irrigated permanent pasture. Graze 140 yearlings or quality hay production with gravity flow, 5 wheel lines, hand line and 3 guns for irrigation. 50 horse pump, newly pulled and reworked pumps, and new panel pumps, 1350 gpm well. Signed up for Energy Trust low cost power. Lovely two story 2464 sq ft, 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with decks, set in the 6 acres of stately pines overlooking the ranch and surrounding mountains. Includes metal enclosed shop, haybarn, woodshed and kennel. Dairy, Klamath County, OR MLS #2979148 $1,500,000.


Linda Long, Principal Broker/Owner
Crater Lake Realty, Inc., Chiloquin, Oregon
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